Kids often arrive home from school famished. The temptation is often to give them a treat food which sometimes appears to be the quickest and easiest - something from the biscuit tin or a bag of crisps. There's nothing wrong with giving them an occasional treat, but you shouldn't make a habit of it.

The best solution is to have a list of quick, easy snacks, which you can rotate depending on your child's preferences. Some kids like to have juicy snacks such as citrus fruit, others like chewy or crunchy snacks such as apples, crackers or toast. Whatever your children's tastes you should find plenty of healthy ideas in the list below. Whatever you choose, try to vary the routine a little so that their taste buds don't get bored, and they get a healthy mix of food types from every group.

Juicy snacks
Orange, pineapple chunks, strawberries, seedless grapes, plums, pears, tomatoes. Smaller children often find a whole piece of fruit daunting because of it's size. Why not chop it up into small pieces that young children find easier to handle.

Thirsty snacks
Milk, soup, 100% pure unsweetened fruit juices, water

Smooth snacks
Yoghurt, rice pudding, bananas, smoothies

Crunchy snacks
Apples, vegetable sticks, crackers, toast, breakfast cereal, toasted sandwiches

Chewy snacks
Bread, rolls, baps, pancakes, pitas, bagels, cheese slices or cubes, cold meats, and dried fruits like raisins or dates

Hints for working mums and dads
When choosing after-school care try to ensure that there's a healthy eating policy in place.

If your child is at home with a childminder or other family members, make sure everyone is as tuned-in to healthy eating as you are.


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